The difference between the two is that red light is clearly visible to the eye and at 660nm is absorbed externally by skin tissue, leading to increased collagen production and faster skin healing. Near infrared light is 850nm and is invisible to the human eye. It penetrates deeper into tissue, leading to increased muscle recovery, reduced joint pain and energy production.

Red light at 660nm: Best for targeting the skin directly. Working on wrinkles & fine lines, balancing skin tone, and enhancing
collagen production. 660nm light is able to penetrate the skin at a meaningful level that will enable skin rejuvenation and improvement of complexion. 

Near infrared light at 850nm: Can penetrate to reach deeper tissues, muscles, organs, the brain, and even bones. Near infrared light works as an anti-inflammatory agent, enhances muscle recovery, promotes blood flow and circulation, stimulates energy production on a cellular level.
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